Olivia Home Jageri-Eng

Home for disabled children

The Jageri Home is located in the hilly area of Sathegala Post near Kollegal. This place was meant for children and youth with disabilities who have a certain autonomy, but are however not able to study, even in protected areas. Young adults have sufficient autonomy to engage in simple daily activities but not to be placed in workshops outside.

The Olivia home is like a family home where a relaxed and cozy atmosphere regnes. A small farm with cows is part of the Home.

Where are the Children coming from?

Children are almost all abandoned at birth or at the onset of the disease or disability. The majority of children are in Olivia since its opening. Others are brought by the Parent and the State Department, district (Disabled Welfare).

What future to guarantee them ?

When a child arrives at the home, the first thing we give it, it’s time to adapt. Then he has no medical records, we bringing him to a pediatrician. The majority of children have no identity, just an age, often approximate. In this case, we create a date of birth.

Children are followed by pediatricians at Kollegal and Mysore. By cons for specialized treatments such as physiotherapy and psychotherapy, we must bring the children to Mysore or Bangalore where they must remain for the duration of treatment.

Originally the Home Olivia was designed to house children aged under 5 years old with disabilities. Severely disabled children, growing up, were seeking more specific care. Because of the remoteness of all medical facilities and general amenities, not to mention the lack of qualified personnel, structures of the Olivia Home were no longer appropriate to treat some children.

In 2004 JJT submitted a project to build a rehabilitation center on two floors, in Kollegal, the nearest city.


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