Boarding Home for Girls

The idea of starting a home for Girls was in 2001. During the construction of Olivia Home, Edith Stecher created in parallel four kindergartens for pre-school kids to take them out of the street of Jageri villages. Among these children, there were ten kids, five boys and five girls, very studious. At that time there was no transport facilities between Jageri and Kollegal, JJT had no means of transport either. Therefore, the only solution was to rent a house closeby to the school and lodge the children. It was a great success: the children lived in the community and were supervised by two staff.

Three years later, we rented a second house and separated the boys and girls. At the end of the tenancy, we had to take back all children but did not have the space to accommodate the boys, we were forced to make a difficult choice, keep only the girls.

The project of construction of a home for girls was accepted in 2008 and the opening of doors took place in March 2009 with twenty girls.

The Girls Home is also the nest of life and development for orphan girls. The main purpose of JJT is to give residents a safe and homely atmosphere living place with a frame of loving people and professionals. At the Girls Home, the children are fed, cared for and educated in accordance with their culture and languages. The food is traditional and varied and all the children of the institution are enrolled in private English schools of good levels.

The lives of children in the community at JJT is very varied, with priority for educational, recreational, social and recreational activities. The Home is a place of passage for some children. For others it is a place of life, a space in which we do our best that there is real life. For this, a number of activities are organized especially for small preschool cycle. The number of years spent in the Girls Home depends on the age of the child upon his arrival at JJT and grade level. Deserving students, completing their education in schools of good level in Mysore. Disadvantaged students remain JJT until the end of their compulsory education, then they will be encouraged to do an apprenticeship.

The home has a welcoming environment as the title says, welcoming and spacious enough that allows young girls to feel comfortable and safe.

The child at JJT benefits from:

  • assistance and educational support;
  • recreation in groups;
  • quality accommodation;

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