Rehab Center

The rehabilitation center opened its doors in February 21st, 2006 and hosted the first ten children transferred from the Home of Olivia Jageri. From the beginning, the center was planned large enough to cope with any eventuality on a long term.

The spaces on the first floor of the building are designed to house and feed about twenty children with severe disabilities and to accommodate caregivers.

The children who live at the rehabilitation center, have very severe disabilities, such as:

  •     Cerebral palsy disabilities ,
  •     Mental retardation,
  •     With neurological response to infectious diseases and other causes, such as epilepsy,
  •     Sensory impairment ( blindness, deafness )
  •     Language disorders,
  •     respiratory disorders,
  •     Skeletal deformity , scoliosis, muscle damage
  •     Other defects include hydrocephalus , microcephaly, and cleft palate .

The groundfloor is divided into two parts, one is the general administration of JJT and the other part is devoted exclusively to children. The rooms are multifunctional and can be used for various activities.


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