Our Vision:

Our vision is a world where every particularly vulnerable child can live in dignity, can grow in a safe environment, where their protection and well-being are assured and where he/she can develop his/her physical, mental, moral and spiritual capacities.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to improve the lives of disabled children and children from remote villages in the mountains, and in particular girls.

Our goals:

To improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children, our organization aims to:

  • Empower children with disabilities by giving them access to education, training, health care, rehabilitation and employment preparation.
  • Help poor families in remote villages by supporting the tuition fees of their children.
  • Reduce labour in the fields and pre-arranged marriages by providing access to education for girls in surrounding villages.

Human Dignity:

We take to heart Human Dignity because every human being is our equal: Whether the person is poor, sick, disabled or from a different culture, he/she is our brother or sister and therefore we love them. We do everything in our power to protect them against all forms of injustice and abuse of whatever nature they are.


Respect for the human being derives from our understanding of Human Dignity. No person shall be subject to abuse, neglect or shameless exploitation at work under the pretext that they are women or disabled children from poor families, thus helpless.

  • For this reason we fight against mistreatment of persons with disabilities, human trafficking, lack of access to decent work and violence against children.


We are aware that more than one billion people now live in extreme poverty. The vast majority of them are women. Nobody is predestined to poverty. This scourge can be eliminated if we protect them and empower the most marginalized groups.

The Right to Health:

Millions of mothers, children and elderly persons live in poverty, in substandard housing and unacceptable, socio-economic conditions, which exposes them to diseases of all kinds. Deprived of adequate food, their bodies are no longer able to defend themselves against even harmless diseases.

Legal protection:

The poor are excluded from legal protection. In many countries, the police and the judicial system is weak, poorly funded or too corrupt to fulfil their missions.


We are deeply concerned by this human misery. We want to contribute, each according to his or her capability, to ease this burden by improving the quality of life of children, for which we are responsible.

In all humility, we ask you:

“Help us to help!”


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