Child’s Rights and Protection

Who is a Child in need of care and protection?

In India the child parent relationship is often seen as one of obedience of a social order more so than a right of the child.

Hence when a child is separated from his/her parent it is not viewed as the duty of the state to provide that child with a family environment. None the less adoption is supervised by the state, but India does not have a long term foster care or alternate care system outside of institutionalisation.

A child in need of care and protection is defined as a child who:

  1. Doesn’t have a home or shelter and no means to obtain such an above;
  2. Resides with a person(s) who has threatened to harm them and is likely to carry out that threat, harmed other children and hence is likely to kill abuse or neglect the child;
  3. Is mentally or physically handicapped, or has an illness, terminal or incurable disease and has no one to provide and care for him/her;
  4. Has a parent or guardian deemed unfit or unable to take care of the child;
  5. Is an orphan, has no family to take care of him/her, or is a runaway or missing child whose parents cannot be located after a reasonable search period;
  6. Is being or is likely to be sexual, mentally, emotionally or physically abused, tortured or exploited;
  7. Is being trafficked or abusing drug substances;
  8. Is being abused for  unthinkable gains or illegal activities;
  9. Is a victim of arm conflict, civil unrest or a natural disaster;

In 2014, we care for 92 Children within these 9 categories….


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